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Studio updates.

Making Noise

long time no blog, what do i even have it for?

not good business for sturring up traffic.

so here's a blog,

Friday night i had a killer show in Paris at the Main Place. I had to hustle inside with my gear, because I chose to gamble with the weather. Luckily I made it inside. Set up again and had a blast. They even gave me a ribeye steak for the road.

I got addicted to "The Tree of Forgiveness" this past week, that's John Prine's new record. It's truly perfect. He goes:

"sometimes my old heart is like a washingmachine it bounces around until my soul comes clean,

an when I'm clean and hung out to dry, I'm gonna make you laugh until you cry"


Our next show is April 28 at Buffalo Joe's. It's full band show. Always a good time. 


be as good as you can



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