Studio Updates

Studio updates.

hands on the wheel

i played one of my favorite spots last saturday night, the red barn down in hughes springs at the home of mickey and debbie rorex. my pal shad blair was there with me, i think we swaped tunes from 6ish to midnightish, felt like an hour, that's how cool it is there.


i finished my first guitar last week, thanks to my friend rodger edelhauser. without rodger i would have scrapped the whole idea, or still be staring at a pile of material. it's a dreadnought, spruce top, alder back and neck, and it sounds pretty good if you ask me.

first song ever played on it was "hands on the wheel" i thought that was cool, (thanks shad)


so i'm reading the new guy clark book, "without getting killed or caught" and rodney crowell goes, "guy's priority was staying up all night and getting down there deep. getting down into that five-o'clock-in-the-morning moment when one of those great songs peeps through or a conversation triggers a notion or an idea for where a song might happen."


heading out to uncertain texas this friday, gonna be up late at night playing songs around a fire, thats what we do


see ya out there


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