Studio Updates

Studio updates.

A Blog For March

It’s baseball season, and my arm is already sore.

I’m really excited about the 2 gigs this weekend. Friday night my pal Shad Blair is with me at the River Bar in the Grant Casino. That’s a 10 o’clock starter. It’s always a treat to play with Shad. He got me started in this stuff years ago.

Then Saturday morning, yes I said morning, me and the fellas will be at South Main Iron at 11am.

Did I mention when Shad and I get together we have a tendency to stay up extremely late. Or is it early.

This is how the rest of March goes.

23rd Love and War in Plano

29th House of Beerds in Bonham

30th 107 in Paris

see ya out there somewhere


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january gone

So far this year, I played a show for about 70 men, it was different. I’ll probably never forget it. I’m glad the band was there to see all those guys looking back at us.

I was also part of an amazing show at the Heritage Hall in Paris. A tribute to the wonderful life of Gerald Hutchings, (That Guy’s Coffee). The show was full of great stories and memories and songs. It was so organized and perfect. We finished the night with the entire house singing (You’ve Got A Friend). I will never forget that either.

January was full of basketball games, lots of days of work, a cold, a crick, back pain, new gigs booked, two books read, love and laughs.

Keep it up,

and bring it on.


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100 Books

100 Books

In October of 17, I stumbled upon an article called “100 books every man should read”.

I thought to myself, there’s no way I have the time to read 100 books.

Well today I finished number 100, and my list has grown by another 150. It’s funny how reading these books just lead to more books.

But that’s what happened.

Here’s five I really enjoyed.

Furnishing Eternity by David Giffels

For You to See The Stars by Radney Foster

When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

How to Tell a True War Story by Tim O’Brien

A Long Way Home by Ishmael Beah

my my wouldn’t Mrs. Hullinger be proud of me.

see ya at show


michael oneal
Making Noise

long time no blog, what do i even have it for?

not good business for sturring up traffic.

so here's a blog,

Friday night i had a killer show in Paris at the Main Place. I had to hustle inside with my gear, because I chose to gamble with the weather. Luckily I made it inside. Set up again and had a blast. They even gave me a ribeye steak for the road.

I got addicted to "The Tree of Forgiveness" this past week, that's John Prine's new record. It's truly perfect. He goes:

"sometimes my old heart is like a washingmachine it bounces around until my soul comes clean,

an when I'm clean and hung out to dry, I'm gonna make you laugh until you cry"


Our next show is April 28 at Buffalo Joe's. It's full band show. Always a good time. 


be as good as you can



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Stars Dropped

The new record "Stars" is off and running. It's for sale here on the website, plus digiatlly all over the land.. 


I'm very proud of this record.

The cd release party was one of those nights I wont forget  anytime soon. I wish we could do it again tonight.


Lots of gigs coming up, come catch one if you can.


see ya 



You might be tired of hearing about it...but...it's gonna get worse. I got a new record to be released this Saturday night, April the 22nd.


The record is called "Stars" it will be for sale here on the site plus Itunes and all those other streets and avenues. 


I'm really proud of this record, I think it's my best attempt so far.

This Saturday night I will be telling the stories behind the songs at That Guys Coffee. Two shows. Two packed houses. Just about as big as gets for me.


Oh yea, Geoff Queen, Shad Blair and Travis Brink will be playing with me to.


see ya out there


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The Ball Is Rolling

Hey folks, it's been a while since my last blog. I told myself I was going to try and be more involved with talking about the going on's.

But it's hard.


Guess what?

I got a new record coming out in April, I'm really really really excited about it.

Plus I got to jump on stage with Ray Wylie Hubbard last night.


There's a couple of things worth blogging about.


This coming weekend I'm heading down to Waller Texas to play the Chilli When It's Chilly event. This will be about my 5th or 6th time to play it, and it's always a blast. If you find yourself in the area, or if you want to get there, we'll be at the Jellystone Park in Waller. Songwriters everywhere, that means song circles.


travel safe


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Thanksgiving In The Swamp

You want to hear about a cool spot to get away?

Lake Caddo, in Uncertain Texas. Thats where I spent the last weekend with some great folks, playing songs and laughing and eating and a boat ride.

The mosquitoes tried to eat me and a bobcat shot through camp and I spent the wee hours of Saturday morning talking my newest friend out of an alligator hunt, (it just seemed like a bad idea at 5am in a stolen boat)


I got Love and War in Plano this week, Wednesday night 8 oclock. Ol Shad Blair will there too.




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hands on the wheel

i played one of my favorite spots last saturday night, the red barn down in hughes springs at the home of mickey and debbie rorex. my pal shad blair was there with me, i think we swaped tunes from 6ish to midnightish, felt like an hour, that's how cool it is there.


i finished my first guitar last week, thanks to my friend rodger edelhauser. without rodger i would have scrapped the whole idea, or still be staring at a pile of material. it's a dreadnought, spruce top, alder back and neck, and it sounds pretty good if you ask me.

first song ever played on it was "hands on the wheel" i thought that was cool, (thanks shad)


so i'm reading the new guy clark book, "without getting killed or caught" and rodney crowell goes, "guy's priority was staying up all night and getting down there deep. getting down into that five-o'clock-in-the-morning moment when one of those great songs peeps through or a conversation triggers a notion or an idea for where a song might happen."


heading out to uncertain texas this friday, gonna be up late at night playing songs around a fire, thats what we do


see ya out there


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the new site

well, i got me a new website

something a little easier to maintain...i hope

an easy place to post some shows and sale some cds and talk about what might be going on

let's see how it goes


14 years ago tonight i played in front of folks for the very first time

i played 2 songs, "stuff that works" by guy clark and "steph" which is mine


i got married 14 years ago today


me and their momma

we climb the hills

we dig the trenches

and we split the bills

we do the fight'n

we shed the tears

we hold hands

and we share the fears

and i need that lady like a shade needs the tree

and i pray that woman keeps on thinking she needs me




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